Monday, October 06, 2008

Busted by the tata's

Waiting in line to get gas yesterday I commented on the woman in front of us, noting that she had a rather large set of tata's.

Noah, who 90% of the time ignores anything we say, managed to hear this one.

"What's that mean, Mom?" (Now that he's a kindergartener he calls me Mom, no more mommy.)

"What does what mean Noah?


*insert sound of Rich choking next to me as he tries not to laugh*

"Oh, just a funny word I was know, like haha's and wawa's."

"Are you fibbing me Mom?"

Oh yeah, there I was, busted on two levels.



  1. I totally understand! I've had to watch what I say around my two older boys, but now my three year old is asking, " Why you say that mommy?"

  2. Yeah, being busted by a five year old can really put things in perspective. It happens all the time to me, except Bear still calls fibbing, "joking" so I can get out of it a little easier by ACTUALLY making a joke.