Friday, October 24, 2008

And this is why I don't clean

Remember all that awesomeness I was the other day, cleaning out my laundry room, and OMG, even pulling out the dryer to clean behind it and replace the venting (or duct, or what ever the hell that damn tubing is called that connects it to the wall). Yeah, that day where I was rocking it all "I am woman" like and damn it "I come with tools."

Oh yeah, well fuck me and all that work I did.

The damn dryer isn't working now. It's lacking some serious heat, which apparently is needed if you want to actually dry clothes with it.



  1. LOL. It wasn't you! I'm sure it was going to break anyway. Maybe you can fix it?! Actually, that happened to my dryer awhile back and it needed a new heating element. Unfortunately, I know nada pertaining to heating elements (except that they product heat of course) so we paid some dude extreme bucks to fix it. Good luck!


  2. That's what happens when you try doing something you've never done before.

    I mean the duct replacement not the cleaning (lol).

    It sounds like the heating element shit the bed. Woulda happened anyway. Just a crappy coincidence. Happy shopping (blech!)