Sunday, June 22, 2008

I blame it on myself

A couple weeks ago Amazing Daddy told me he was on one of his tech sites and there was a thread about Sears advertising a 50 inch plasma HDTV for $1299, which was well under cost. Apparently it was a misprint and Sears retracted the ad. However, people were taking the ad to other stores and getting them to price match.

So, AD asked me if he could try. I thought for a few seconds and figured that there was no way he would get a store to match that price. So I told him sure, go for it. Figured it would make me look good in his eyes, he'd have fun, and be out of my hair for a couple hours. Win-win for all involved. And no damage to our bank account.

Well, I'm sure you know where this is going. He came home with that damn TV. So, now we have a 50 inch TV in both the entertainment room in the basement (his hangout) and in the family room (my hangout). And the better TV is of course the new one, which is in the family room. So guess where AD is hanging out now? Yup, in the family room, with me. Taking charge of the remote, flipping from sports game to shoot 'em up movie to discovery channel show.

I have to say, we really can't afford this TV, no matter what a great deal it was.

Oh sure, I get the irony. I used to complain that we didn't spend time together in the evening because he wanted to watch TV on the big TV in the basement, where as I prefer the family room, with the comfy couch and side table that's just perfect for my laptop and the breast pump. Now he's spending time in the same room with me and its driving me f'ing nuts! Too MUCH togetherness!

Can you believe I'm complaining that we have two big TV's? How spoiled am I?

And the other thing? The old TV is still sitting in the middle of the family room since he isn't sure yet what he wants to do with it. It's very heavy so there is no way I can move it myself.

See why I need therapy?


  1. Too funny! That's EXACTLY what would happen to me if I ever dared to tell my husband "sure, if you can find a good deal, you can buy it."


  2. I so know where yo uare coming from. The week of Thanksgiving day last year, hubby called me to tell me that Best Buy was selling a 50" plasma flat screen HDTV for $996.99. How could you pass that by? And the thing is, is that it was only on sale for the 3 days before Thanksgiving and would not be at that price the day after Thanksgiving. O yes, hubby went to 3 stores before he found one in stock. We live our life in front of the 50in too! :)