Friday, November 04, 2011

Who wants to come play with us?

The enemas have arrived.

They are sitting in a bag on the dining room table.

Neither Rich nor I are verbally acknowledging their presence.

Maybe if we ignore them long enough one will magically insert itself up Noah's butt.*

Until then, I think we may have ourselves a game of enema chicken going on right now.

Just another Friday night in the MNT household.

*And maybe the toilet will magically unclog itself too.

Update: I lost. Or to be more accurate Noah chose me. Oh the love.

He was a total champ BTW. I was about to type that he "took it like a man" but that just seems all shades of wrong. You know, because most men I know clench just at the thought of an enema.



  1. And there I thought it was a real invitation!

  2. I know it's frowned on to give advice to someone whose shoes you haven't walked in, but.... I recommend unclogging the toilet BEFORE using the enema... :)

  3. Laurie - you know you can come play anytime you want. I'll just assume you would rather it not involve shit when you do though.

    Jamey - girl, you always make me laugh!!