Sunday, November 13, 2011


When we were told that Noah has a pervasive developmental disorder our dreams for him shifted.

When we were told that he has a mood disorder our hopes for his future shifted again.

When we were told he has a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder our dreams for his future plummeted.


When you see your child struggle in every part of his life - socially, educationally, behaviorally, you fear for his future.

When you hear a doctor say your child has so many problems that she and her colleagues refer to it as multi-system brain dysfunction it is difficult to see a future.

Sometimes you stop seeing him as just a child. You forget that despite the diagnoses nothing is written in stone. 

And then you receive a reminder. A reminder that yes, he may always struggle in some ways, but that doesn't mean he can't be a part of something "normal."
U-10 boys soccer championship trophy
He wasn't their star player, and it is only a local league, but he played with heart and he played as a team. And he really is pretty damn good!

 But most importantly, he's having fun!



  1. Oh Chris .... this is so touching! You go Noah ....

  2. Congrats to Noah! Kris, love the photos you're posting.