Sunday, November 06, 2011

My hiding skills are enviable.

This really isn't about Halloween. 

Or poop. 

OK, maybe it is a little bit about Halloween. 

But just the candy. 

We like candy in the MNT family. We really do. But not a one of us really needs candy. Nope.

So after the big night, we put the candy away and the boys can earn a couple pieces of candy after dinner if they have exhibited good behavior. 

The reality is that after a few nights of this they tend to forget the candy exists. Or, Noah has a few days of bad behavior and he doesn't get any, so the cycle is broken. And the candy stays put away either until Rich eats it or throws it away (after he has eaten all the good stuff). I just eat the Snickers.

Actually, not just put away, but hidden. Because they are kids, and when it comes to candy they can't be trusted. Hell, when it comes to candy, I can't be trusted. I can't be trusted with cake or cookies either, just FYI.

So the night of Halloween I hid it in our bedroom closet. I figured if Noah was going to go on a candy hunt the next morning I would be most likely to hear him if it was in my room. 

It worked, he didn't find it. In fact, it worked so well, that the next night when Rich looked at me and said let's check out the kids Halloween candy, I had to tell him we couldn't get it because I hid it in the bedroom. The bedroom where Kiel still sleeps (shut up!) and was wide awake!

So the next night the boys both earned their two pieces. I managed to uncover the candy without them seeing me, and they chose their little wrapped pieces of chocolate crack, and devoured them.

The bag ended up sitting on the dining room table until the next day. I noticed it about 30 minutes before Noah came home from school, so I went to hide it again, but thought "this time, I'm going to be smart, I won't hide it in the bedroom, I'll hide it so we can still get to it."

I looked around the dining room and saw the perfect place. The cupboard at the bottom of our china cabinet. The boys never go in there.

So I opened the door to the cabinet. And guess what I found? 

Yup, last years Halloween candy!

So much wasted chocolate. 

It makes us all a little sad.

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