Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Kiel had a great birthday. I think short of getting to ride in Lightening McQueen itself, it was everything his little 4 year old heart could want.

The party itself was perfect. Since it was a karate party the kids had plenty of opportunity to run, jump, kick and punch. Most of the activity was set up around an obstacle course, and Kiel was able to lead the pack when he wanted to.

This is the first time we have done a party like this. We had one girl come that did not RSVP, one last minute RSVP of a child that I did not know Rich had invited, but then we had two kids that did RSVP not show up, so it was basically a wash. Just the right number of kids.

I was excited at how many kids did come, because the party itself was not close to his school, so most of the kids came a fair distance.

It was fun watching Kiel with his friends. So interesting to see how he and the other boys tackle each other and wrestle. Are all boys so physical?

Noah handled himself marginally well. There were no real problems during the party, other than having to be held back from blowing out the candles himself, and his obsessive need to have a gift bag before any of the other kids received theirs.

Today we opened the last few presents, including a Cars 2 sleeping bag from grandma and grandpa. He insisted on sleeping in it on our floor tonight. I just checked on him and he is asleep on the floor, but not in the sleeping bag.

I had a few hours to myself today, and took a relaxing bath. Then I cleaned out under my side of the bed, where I found some odd socks, five books, three sippy cups, a remote to a fan that we no longer have, some hair ties, and about a dozen Matchbox cars. And that was only my side of the bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll look under Rich's side. Maybe I'll find the missing vibrator. Damn is my life exciting.

Noah has coined a new term: explosive farts. He explained them to me after I walked into our bathroom and found poop sprayed against the back of the toilet seat and tank. For the second time this weekend.

I'm still trying to understand 1. how he managed to get the poop to spray up and back like that, and 2. how Rich could go in and check Noah's poop (we require visual evidence at this point if he doesn't want to face down another enema) and completely ignore the shit spray.

They were both brought to task and shamefaced (well, Rich was anyway), they cleaned the toilet together. Of course I had to remind them to use a cleaning agent. Honestly, did they really think I was just going to let that one get by?

And now I'm hiding in Kiel's bedroom (you know, the one he has never slept in) waiting for my ambien to kick in and so I can't hear Rich swear and yell at the TV during the Eagles game. He seriously stresses me out when he watches football.

That was my weekend. How was yours?


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  1. Ummm, I believe the appropriate term is "shart"...half shit/ half fart. And it appears men are able to do more than suddenly become heavy sleepers upon adding a child to the house..they have selective vision. LOL