Sunday, November 27, 2011

Final soccer post of the year!

Noah played in a soccer tournament today. They played against other local soccer clubs. The teams were created from the top players of the U10 teams from the fall season. I assume that the top players of his team were not able to make it to this tournament and that is why Noah was invited.

He played great. His focus was better in the first game than the third. During the third game he spent his time off-field kicking everyone's water bottle into the air. He was doing this about ten feet way from the three coaches, and not one of them told him to stop.

They lost all three games. They only had three practices and one scrimmage, and the coach didn't seem that organized. The kids had fun though, and that really is the important part.

Noah begged to play goalie, so they put him in for the last half of the third game. I think the coach was resigned that they were going to loose anyway. The other team scored four goals on him. He managed to block one. So YEAH Noah! At least it wasn't five goals! And, he seemed just fine with it.

Goalie is not in Noah's future. I am OK with that. He's awesome in the other positions. And awfully cute in pictures.


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