Monday, June 16, 2008

Mommy bloggers get together

Too often I let my social anxieties hold me back. Last Friday however, I pushed myself to break out of my comfort zone. I went to a Philly mom bloggers get together where I knew no one!

Yeah me! I'm actually quite proud of myself. I went, I talked, and I don't think I embarrassed myself (too much). And....I had fun!! I think I'd like to do it again!

So 20 Philadelphia area bloggers met in the pope room at Buca di Beppo in Exton for an evening of food, talk and some great swag. Prior to going I wondered if other bloggers were like me; shy and socially awkward, but I have to say a definitive NO to that one. It was honestly so loud at times from everyone talking that I could not hear the women next to me.

And what women they are! Smart, beautiful and funny! I enjoyed getting to know several of them, including Katia from Freeform Katia, Whitney from Mommies with style, Jo-Lynn from Musings of a Housewife , Sarah from Genesis Moments and Kim from Situationally Single Mom. And those were just the women seated close enough for me to talk with.

There was some great swag and a few giveaways as well. A big thanks to Graco,, Smart Mom Solutions, Orville Redenbacher, Mom Central and the Handyguys Podcast for all the great STUFF. And an extra big thank you to Graco for picking up the tab for dinner and for the two car seats they gave away.

I was also lucky enough to win two K'nex kits to take home for The Boy that Colleen at Classy Mommy gave away. We had lots of fun putting them together this weekend while Daddy was working.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies who put the evening together and for letting me attend!


  1. Kristine, it was great meeting you too! I look forward to following your blog. I'm so glad you came to the meetup.


  2. Oh that sounds like such fun - I dont know anybody man...

  3. It was great meeting you too!! I'm glad we could get together and hope to do it again soon.

  4. I had a great time meeting you, too! Hopefully we can do it again soon.

  5. Sounds like so much fun. Glad you took the step out. The older I got the more of an introvert I became so I can totally relate.

  6. By the by - I have tagged you. Check it out and dont hate me. You owe me after abandoning me and bringing back all those memories I had worked so hard to supress. ;)

  7. I missed the K'nex kits! Wow, how fun. Really, it was so crazy in there, I didn't know which way to look, lol. It was so nice meeting you. I'm glad you came. Looking forward to next time!!

  8. what fun, and so many local bloggers :-)