Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Monday - You say Lara

The Boy has had the same teacher for two years, her name is Lara. I have never been able to pronounce it correctly. I'm not even sure I can hear that am not saying it correctly. Apparently I do not say Erin correctly either. *sigh*

This was our dinner conversation one night last week. little linguist.


  1. i dont know where to begin - .....

    Noah is such a cutie pa tootie its a shame his mommy cant speak. I cant believe you cant hear the difference. How do you say Deb? I cant imagine what that sounds like - cause Lara is Lara.not Laura or Lyra or whatever the heck else you were saying, sheesh!

  2. laaaaaar(ghrgghghg)rrhhhaaaaa. Right? In the South (where you should move and be my BFF), we would pronounce it "Hey you".

    Ya'll all talk weird up there. Perhaps I should challenge you to a Pronounciation Off! Try to capture yourself saying "ya'll" or "I'm fixing to... (do something", and come back with a midwestern/Philly phrase for me to say. I swear anything I try to pronounce would come out Indian, though. :)

  3. He is seriously cute. And I love your comments. My family is from Illinois, so I feel your pain. Rich and I always "discuss" the pronunciation of "orange" and "Florida." Clearly the syllable "or" is not pronounced "are," wouldn't you agree? (Fl-are-ida? are-ange? no!)