Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to My New Digs!

Welcome! I'm so happy to see you found your way.

As you can see, I finally packed everything up and manage to move it over here with out breaking anything! Whew...I really hate moving!

As soon as I can I'll be sending out "change of address" cards, but please, don't wait for them to arrive to update whatever you need to update. I still need to buy stamps, and who knows how long that will take!

I'm hoping to have a completely new look in the next few weeks, provided I get my shit together and send my want list to the woman who is going to help me.

I spent several hours reading through old posts and changing every one's name. If you see anywhere that I missed one, please let me know. I'm trying to do all I can to make sure that this blog isn't "googleable" by any of the old blog information.

Again, welcome! I appreciate everyone that has followed me here, especially since it likely required some work on your part.


  1. First! WOOHOOO!

    Glad the move wasn't too traumatic. Do you want those of us with you listed on our blogrolls on our blogs to update right away, or wait a little bit?

  2. Um, also, could you update your blogroll to update to my new domain, Pantsfreesia? :)

  3. Good Show and Tell....A New You!

    Now you have stripped yourself of those "pesky people" reading you who should not have been.

    Congrats on being free!

  4. Welcome to your new site!

  5. You made it, and I dig the new title!!

  6. Thanks for giving me the 411 on where to find you. Hopefully you shed a certain few unwanted readers along the way. Love the new name!

  7. When I clicked on your "old" site and you weren't there ... well ... I felt so abandoned. It brought back horrible memories of me coming home from school (I must have been 7ish) and no one was home. I thought for sure they had moved away and left me there. I started to cry and here pulls up mama. She had left a message with the school for me to go to a neighbors and I never got it - so I thought you too had abandoned me. Imagine how happy I was when I got your email - WHEW! YAY someone does love me!
    much better now - love the new digs

  8. Love the new digs Kristine. I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more!

  9. Followed you over and I'm going to go remove and change things right now...