Friday, June 20, 2008

Beco or Ergo baby carrier?

I need to get a new baby carrier. We used the Baby Bjorn with The Boy when he first came home. I loved carrying him that way, but it wasn't always very comfortable for my neck and back. When he got bigger I used the Hip Hammock (the original one - made by the original creator of it - before Playtex bought it). It was good too. But, that was almost four years ago and I know there have been improvements in carriers since then.

So, my wise readers. What do you guys think? Ergo? Beco? or Babyhawk which I just read about?

I want something Amazing Daddy can use as well, so it definitely needs to be easy on ones back.



  1. I just ordered the Moby wrap and I can not wait for it to arrive!

    from nclm.

  2. I’m so glad you asked. I have the same dilemma myself. So far, I have used my friends 4th generation Beco with my son when he was about 2 months old and now I am trying an Ergo. So far I like the Beco because his little legs could stick out the sides more comfortably, and it doesn’t seem so with the Ergo… but we haven’t given it a good shot yet. As for Beco’s I’ve been told that the Butterfly isn’t as good as its predecessor the 4th generation Beco. I would think the Ergo is better because the design is more man friendly and most of the Beco’s tend to air on the girly side from what I have seen.