Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not just Eat More Kittens Friday, now we have Dead Cats Tuesday

We found our cat Rhone dead tonight. I asked Rich last night if he had seen him, since I got home late and he said yes, so when I didn't see him I wasn't that worried. Sometimes Rhone liked to hang out on the sofa in our basement family room.

Tonight though I realized I had not seen him this morning either, so I asked Rich if he had seen him and he said no. So I went looking. And I found him. The best way to describe it is he was flat. Hind legs out to the sides. Stiff.

This fucking sucks! First we lost Ambien in May, and now Rhone. My first babies. My last link to my single life is dwindling. I moved here to be with Rich and brought four cats and a dog. Now only Stel is left.

Poor Stel, he isn't happy about the new kitten, Thor. Thor and Rhone wrassled together, which left Stel in peace. I think Stel is going to have a hard time finding peace in the days to come. His brother and sister both gone now, and all he is left with is a crazy little kitten and a toddler that loooves to squeeze him and lay on him.

I really miss Ambien. She was my true fur baby. My girl. I miss sleeping with her curled up next to me at night.

Now I won't have Rhone sleeping on my feet either.

And to add even more suckage to it, I had to try and wrap his stiff body in a towel and then kind of wedge it into the cat carrier so I can take him to the vet tomorrow.

At least Ambien won't be lonely up on the shelf in her little wooden box anymore.



  1. I am sorry for your loss. I hate losing a beloved pet. I once lost 2 cats within a month of each other, one wa my child hood pet who lived nearly 16 years.

    Just wondering what's up with your comments? They're a little weird and won't let me leave my name and url since I switched blogs...

  2. I'm so sorry!!! I've lost some pets in my day, and know how difficult it is. I'll say a prayer for you and your family.

    Recent blog:=- thank you!!!!