Friday, August 07, 2009

Chicken butt! And the heads up on my 4th Blogoversary.

Hey! Guess what?

Chicken butt!

Hah! Learned that from Noah last night at dinner. Sometimes I forget how much fun reverting back to six year old behavior can be!

Anyway...this post has nothing to do with chicken butts, but I'm sure having fun saying it.

Chicken butt!

OK, what I'm really here to tell you today is that I have some exciting things coming up on Mommy Needs Therapy! Because my 4th blogoversary is next week! Four years peoples! I've been spreading my charm and wit here for four years! Yeah me!

So, to celebrate, and because I would be nothing without all six of my readers, I'm going to be giving away some cool stuff next week. Five contests to be exact!

Five! One each day, Monday through Friday!

chicken butt

So don't forget to come back here on Monday and check out the first giveaway!

And I promise, it will have nothing to do with chickens or butts!



  1. LOL at chicken butt!
    Though I don't really eat that part of the chicken. I know some people who do, but I find it weird... I mean, I'm eating a butt... Not a very nice thought if you ask me. :D I love chicken breasts though. (seriously, that's my favorite part of the chicken... no bones!)

    Happy blogversary!

  2. LOL@chicken butt it is said many times around here as well...

    Happy 4th thats awesome! what are you like a fossil in bloggy years or what??? I KID I KID!!!!