Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day two of my 4th blogoversary celebration! Help me celebrate with a giveaway!

A couple weeks ago Kirsten from Bristols 6 emailed me to tell me about Nippies and Nippies Natural.

This is what Kirsten had to say about Nippies:

Nippies Natural and Nippies from Bristols 6 are essentials for moms hitting up the pool with toddlers that hang on to your swimsuit. Our high-quality cover-ups shape curves and shields from overexposure and 'chilly' waters, giving stylish moms the confidence to wear a bathing suit without worry!

Nippies Natural is the first adhesive silicone nipple cover that is thin and matte, making it undetectable under clothing and swimsuits. The adhesive and non-adhesive versions are washable/waterproof/reusable, making it a budget-friendly find that you can wear during the day at the pool or out to dinner with your hubby.

For 'haute' mamas who want colorful coverage, Nippies are made from real lingerie fabrics in designer-inspired prints and sparkling sequins. Nippies are soft, stretchy and slightly supportive coverage in over 40 styles that coordinate with any bathing suit or outfit!

Now, I don't wear a bathing suit very often like never if I can help it, so I'm not too worried about nip slippage in the pool. Hell, I'm actually not that worried about nip slippage out of the pool either. After breast feeding I'm pretty immune to the fear of the ladies showing themselves at all, much to the dismay of my husband.

But, one thing I really don't like is when the "Pointer Sisters" decide to make an appearance. You know, when it looks like you are smuggling Tic Tacs in your bra, although in my case its more like Raisonettes than it is Tic Tacs, or maybe even Goobers (gotta love pregnancy and breast feeding!).
I hate sitting in a meeting and suddenly realizing my high beams are showing. For some reason that embarrasses me more than if my entire breast popped out.

So I'm thinking I should probably get myself a set of Nippies just for those times I need to feel extra professional and know everyone's eyes are on my face and not my chest.

To help me celebrate my 4th Blogoversary, Bristol6 has offered to give away a set of fabric Nippies of your choice to one of my lucky readers!

To enter is easy! Check out Bristols 6's website and then leave a comment on this entry and tell me which is your favorite Nippies design! To enter a second time just become a member/follower of my blog (on the right sidebar, scroll down towards the bottom) and leave a comment telling me you already follow me or just started! For a bonus entry tell me a funny or embarrassing story about you and "the girls." You know we all have one!

I'll have give-a-ways going on all week, so check back tomorrow and don't forget to enter yesterdays give away! Make sure to come back on Friday when I'll be giving away a little somethin' somethin' from my fave online adult toy store, Eden Fantasys!

You have until Wednesday, August 19th at midnight to enter. I'll announce all the winners on Friday, August 21st.

Sorry, this giveaway is for US addresses only. :(



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  2. Okay Chistine i was LMAO@the pointer sisters!!!! I too have that issue

    I dunno how to pick they are all so cute and fun
    you know me and hearts so the creme lace ♥s

  3. i love the silver sequin, silver lame stars. my wife & have have pierced tata's & there are times you dont want bars, or rings poking through...

  4. ok, i have a story. my wife & i joined a search & rescue group (search dogs) well we are all learning land navigation. she & i both had a lot of issues with coming up with wrong coordinates & the arrow pointing in strange directions. finally the director (a woman) comes over & says, oh i have that problem all of the time. jessie & i look at each other, i ask what problem. she said you must havee an underwire bra on, the metal will throw off your readings. jessie & i burst out laughing. we were like, uh huh yeah, damn those underwires. most of the people in this group are men. almost all are former military. i could not find the words to tell them, no sorry, its the 12 gauge tata jewlary...

  5. What a great idea - I never like to wear tank tops without a bra - and these would solve the problem! I couldn't choose a favorite!

  6. I like the Night Fever...the black ones shaped like butterflies! But they are all so cute!!

  7. I would love to try this product with a strapless dress that I plan to wear to a September wedding. Think of all the free publicity I could give this product if I won and like them! I like the superstar ones.