Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vacation and closets and parties, oh my!

Whoohooo! I'm on vacation!

I finished up a project today that I've been working on since January. What a relief to finally have it off my plate. Hopefully off my plate anyway. I'm not very confident the client is going to agree the project is done. One of those clients that wants more and more and more.

So I have big plans for the next ten days!

I'm going to clean closets. How exciting is that?

And finally finish organizing Kiel's bedroom so maybe he can actually sleep in his own room someday. You know, before he's 12.

And, I'll be getting ready for Kiel's first birthday party which is on the 15th. So I have some major cleaning to do. And I need to get my carpets cleaned.

Exciting stuff.

And blog, must blog blog blog.

And wonder if my parents are going to come to Kiel's birthday party.

I just love this picture from last Christmas. We slept so well together. I'm surprised my mouth isn't open too.



  1. Congrats on finishing your project. You and I have commiserated about our projects from hell the past week or two. Perhaps you can rub off on me, and I'll finish my horrible project and nap too!

  2. Yeah to Finished Projects!
    Yeah to Blogging!
    Yeah to Sleeping with a tiny who doesn't even care that there is a zipper near his head!!!

    (my sensory babe would have told me about it!!)

  3. Adorable pic Katt!!

    Evjoy your time off. Even if you do spend it stuck in the closet. It's still better than work