Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another day of NaBloPoMo down.

Well I'm squeeking this one in under the wire.

Not much to say. Just home from a beef and beer at the Catholic church of one of Rich's coworkers. Surprised they let a Jew and a heathen in!

They had a trivia contest. Our team basically sucked.

Did you know Barbie got a belly button in 2000?

Yeah, neither did I. We said vibrator.



  1. Bahahahah! I'm not feeling so good today, nasty cold - I hope, but your little post made me laugh hard enought to cough up at least one lung!

  2. You said Barbie got a vibrator, in a Catholic church?! How you didn't get stoned (with rocks, I mean) is beyond me. Glad you made it out to tell the story.