Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Part 4 - I forgot this little gem

We've had some problems recently with Noah running away from us when he doesn't want to go inside, or leave somewhere.

We went to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek when we were in Michigan and at one point Noah ran ahead of Rich down a path. I think Noah was feeling anxious (something I need to discuss in another post) and also needed to deal with some pent up energy. It's not ok that he does this, but I'm not sure he can control himself either.

Anyway...I mentioned this to my mother on our visit.

Her response - put a leash on him. Maybe if you humiliate him he'll learn his lesson.

There are so many shades of wrong in this I don't know where to begin.




  1. i'm gonna throw in a vote for putting a leash (and maybe a muzzle) on her. just a thought.

  2. We tried the "kiddie leash" before we knew about Bacon's Asperger's all it resulted in was further floor flailing and screaming. Not to mention rude comments from strangers, bad feelings because we SWORE we would NEVER do that, and um, that whole issue of it being not the right thing at all.

    Tell her to kiss your ass, then I will come kick her ass for being stupid.

  3. yep I am with Deb on this one...maybe even a zap with the taser gun when you got her harnessed and muzzeled zapppppp

  4. Oh sweet lord, WHAT is wrong that humiliation should be a form of punishment. It says something about you that you came out of that house in one piece. i'm so sorry she's hurting you over and over.

  5. I actually used a leash on Grace. Yes, that's me, mother of the year. But as a first time mother, I was scared to death of losing her or someone stealing her in the mall. And she wanted to walk, not ride in the stroller. So we had this wrist leash thing. And she loved it. But the worst moment was when we stood in the middle of JC Penney and she asked me very loudly as we stood in the checkout line "Mom, will you put my dog leash on me??"