Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lube me up, I'm feeling a little dry!

I really need some new stuff to write about. Any thoughts? Any questions you've been dying to ask? Any topics you want to see me tackle?

Help me out blogosphere, I'm feeling a little dry these days.



  1. How has your son's school helped him transition to K? Did you get the one-on-one aide?

    Your little is his development different or similar to his brother? Are there things he does that remind you of his brother?

    How delayed was your oldest due to living in an orphanage in the early part of his life?

    Is your relationship different or similar with the boys?

    I like your writing style. You were able to articulate why you think your parents are standoffish with the boys even though you don't know exactly why are acting the way they are. I could relate to you as I have parents and a sister...we don't discuss our feelings at all. We bottle everything until everything comes to the surface. Can you say meltdown!

  2. What's Noah's favorite toy? What appeals to him about it and when he does play with it, what does that happiness do to you?

    What's the worst fight you've ever had and what's the best make-up?

    Tell about 3 friends (whether you're still friends or not) that shaped who you are today.

  3. If you could go back in time and live in any era which one and why?