Saturday, September 27, 2008

It never ends well...

We went to a birthday party today for a b0y in Noah's class. It was at Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm sorry, I know kid's love it, but is it not Hell on Earth for parents! Oh my god! The noise! The chaos! The Noise! The snot! The giant freaky mouse!

Not to mention the damn hamster tubes.

Noah of course loves the hamster tubes.

Noah would not get out of the hamster tunnel today when it was time to leave.

There was only one entrance/exit and one slide. And lots of tubes. Lots of tubes where a 5 year old boy can hide from his parents and pretend he can't hear them.

Talk about a stand off. Us yelling at Noah to come down. Him saying no, and scurrying off to another part of the tubes. And unless we crawl up in there, and chase him around on our hands and knee's, he's pretty much got us over a barrel.

It would be funny. If it were anyone elses fucking kid.

So, about 15 minutes in to the stand off another kid comes out of the tubes crying. And his mom got pissed off. And she went in the tubes, hoochie momma tight pants and all. And the "dad" was on the outside of the tube pointing up at Noah and yelling. And someone else in their group went and got an employee, who also went up in the tubes after him.

Now, I'm not really sure what happened up there, either before they all went up, or after, but suddenly Noah was down and coming towards me. And the kid's "parents" were still looking pissed, and the mom was still up in the tubes.

I did what any smart mother would do. I shoved Noah's shoe's on his feet, told Rich in no uncertain terms we were leaving Right Now and headed to door.

Those people scared me! And I have no doubt that that woman could have taken me.

It never ends well with us...



  1. Oh dear god. We had a birthday party at the Ultimate Sh*thole that masquerades as Chuck E Cheese that we were supposed to go to today. I conveniently forgot about it and bought my kid a toy for 1/3 of expense it would have cost to buy a present and cough up enough tokens for all my kids to play contentedly.

    You remind me why this was a GOOD thing to do.

  2. I loathe Chuck E Cheese and all of theose types of kid zones. There are entirely too many kids in too small a space - no matter how big the space is.

  3. My children know better than to ask me to have their birthday party at that horrible place and when they are invited to parties there I do the same as Anissa and just bribe them with a toy!!! Why is that place still open?

  4. We currently have a bad on THAT place! It has been in effect for just about a year now.
    Seems as if our little girl would not get down from that "hamster tube" after countless warnings. When Dave had to head up to retrieve her, that was the end.
    To this day, whenever any mentions THAT place, she says, "Sorry. I am banned from there." as matter of fact as possible!
    It is really cute!

  5. is it wrong that-that post cracked me up?? i could just imagine you,me and adult crawling around on hands and knees tryin to chase a child outta the tubes OMGosh to funny