Thursday, August 07, 2008

The unthinkable

Noah has started to show aggression towards Kiel. We've worried about it happening since Kiel was born and he was doing fine. So we let down our guard.

A couple weeks ago Noah hit Kiel with a hockey stick and left bruises on his legs. We were horrified.

Then tonight while Rich was in the bathroom and Kiel was playing in our bedroom, about four feet away, but with a doorway and a bit of a corner in the way, he heard Kiel start to cry. He ran in to see Noah kicking Kiel in the ribs. We are beside ourselves tonight.

The thought of someone hurting Kiel nauseates me. That it would be his brother makes it even worse.

I don't know what to do right now. I would die if something happened to Kiel. I can't even begin to describe how I feel about him.

I am truly at a loss right now...



  1. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry- I don't know that I have anything other than hope and prayers, but please know we are thinking of your family and hoping you can find a solution.

  2. I am at a loss of words. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Oh my gosh Katt I dont even know what to say. That is definitely the unthinkable and the unacceptable. I'm at a loss. I hope you can come up with something, some plan of action to keep this from continuing or worse, escalating. My thoughts are with you and if there is anything that I can do (boy that sounds so trite) just let me know.

  4. That is awful. I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

    Thinking of you guys.

  5. I'm so sorry, what an awful feeling. I wish there were words of wisdom to share. I'll be praying for both of your little boys to be safe and loved.

  6. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how you're feeling.

  7. Oh no. By the sounds of your recent post, things have calmed down.

    Regarding "help"'s unbelievable that a parent needs to jump through hoops to get some type of solution. Hopefully the new doc will help.

    Will be thinking of you guys this week.

  8. Wow, that is awful. I'm so sorry. I wish I had something a bit more useful to say.
    I wish you and your family the best. Truly I do.