Friday, August 15, 2008

Less bitching, more humor

Yikes, this blog needs to lighten up a bit doesn't it! Dayum, way to much bitching and whining lately!

So Noah had his first soccer practice for the fall season the other night. Rich said he did pretty good. He even walked away from another kid who got in his face Yeah Noah!

Cute story - in the middle of a practice game he's standing there and yells to Rich. "Daddy, Let's go to Rita's after this. I want a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles on it."

At this point Rich is trying to get him to turn around and pay attention.

And then the little boy standing next to Noah raises his hand and says "I'll have chocolate!".

Cute, huh?

And what's up with Kiel you ask? You did ask right?

Umm, yeah. I caught him standing up on his own tonight. At least ten seconds. He's not even nine months yet

I am so in trouble.



  1. Shoot, I'll have a mint chocolate chip if he's still going!


  2. Ooooh...I second the request for mint chocolate chip. And, yup, if he is standing unassisted at less yjan 9 months, you are in trouble. My youngest went from crawling to walking in 3 weeks at just past 8 months old. It was a wonderfully scary thing...LOL.

  3. god that is cute. smart kid. glad noah had a good game and behaved well. and kiel...? well, yes. when you have to of the "upwardly mobile" your screwed (lol)