Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Way to make mommy proud

Every Wednesday evening for the last six weeks we have had "Kids club" for Noah. Which is code for "social skills" class with his therapist.

Kids Club consists of eight 5, 6 and 7 year old boys all on the spectrum in some way. Noah is probably the highest functioning of all the boys (which still feels odd for me to say, because I don't really considering functioning to be Noah's problem, but I digress).

Last week he had to leave the group about 15 minutes in because he was overstimulated and was hitting and spitting on the other boys and the therapist. I took him out for a few minutes and he calmed right down. He went back in and it started all over. We finally took him home about 15 minutes before the hour was up.

He had had a rough day that day. He didn't sleep well because of thunderstorms the night before, and then his class went on a field trip to the zoo, where he was stung by a wasp. So I figured he'd had a rough day, where he had managed to keep it together pretty well until then, so maybe this behavior was just him being exhausted.

Well, tonight, we removed him less than half way through the class because he was kicking the other kids. This time I saw him do it, and it wasn't exactly gentle kicks.

He won't be going back next week.

He had a great day at school today, but as soon as he got to Kids club he started acting out. I think some of it is for attention. He likes Michelle, the therapist, and I think he gets jealous when she is paying attention to the other boys? I think it is unfair to her and to the other kids to keep him in the class if this is how he is going to behave, when it means she has to pay more attention to him and making sure he isn't hurting anyone else.

His emotional age when it comes to things like this is about two I think. Any attention is good to him, negative or positive. I'm at a loss as to how to get him to see the difference.

Oh yes, Mommy is so proud...



  1. How frustrating for you all. I hope with a bit of time he can go back and things will be better.

  2. i can only imagine the frustration. i hope that he will be able to go back soon, or you find something else that works for him.

  3. i know how hard this has been for you all. i cant begin to imagine how hard. i am sorry, but i am always here to talk if you need. just an IM or email away. I'll be there.