Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hang ups and air horns

Over the last several months we have been receiving phone calls from someone that is clearly a wrong number. I answer, she (sounds like an older, foreign woman) says sorry, and hangs up. The name and phone number show up on caller ID.

This would happen several times a week, sometimes two or three times a night. Most times I would just pick up the phone and then hang up, without saying anything. Sometimes I would let Noah answer, which was always kind of funny.

Last night though, when she called and it was after 9pm I started to get irritated. So when I answered it I asked why they kept calling when they know it is the wrong number. There was silence on the other end and then they hung up.

Ten minutes later another call, this time I asked them if they were playing a game. Again, silence and they hung up.

Five minutes later another call. Silence and a hang up.

Six calls later (at 10:30pm) I finally left the phone off the hook.

WTF people?

So today I called the phone company to see about getting the number blocked. For six dollars a month I can block her number. And that pisses me off. Why should I have to pay because some asshole that I don't know is calling me? The woman at the phone company agreed with me but couldn't do anything about it. Her only suggestion to me was that since I have their number have some guy call and say they are the police and threaten them with something. While an interesting idea, not quite the way I want to go. Oh yes, she also told me how to block my number from showing up if I decided I wanted to call and harass discuss the issue with them anonymously.

Instead, I called our local police and filed a report. I spoke with a very nice officer who said as a courtesy she would call the number and ask them not to call me again, but really, since they hadn't threatened me they couldn't do much more than that. If the calls continue though, she said to file a civil complaint.

Later the officer called and left a message that she had spoken to someone at that number, and it sounded like an old woman. She said that she didn't think the woman really understood what she was telling her or that she even believed that it was the police calling.

Just what I need, a senile old woman calling me over and over again. Wait, that's already happening with my MIL. Great, now I have two senile old women calling me.

So, I'm guessing that the solution the hubs came up with of getting an air horn to blow in the phone probably isn't a very good idea.



  1. Oh how annoying! Can you just let the phone ring when she calls and not answer it? Maybe if no one answers she'll quit calling? Who knows? I hate it that you got two old ladies calling you! LOL that's funny!

  2. *sighs*

    Figures, had to be someone you wanted to be mad at but couldn't.

  3. oh no ma'am. i say get the air horn.

  4. I hate when they call late at night. Most times it telemarketers. And during election time, Bill Clinton likes to call late too.

    I usually answer, tell them to never call again,and hang up. But since you already did that, maybe next time she call, just answer and don't hang up. That way she can't make another call. You'll hold everything up!