Sunday, July 27, 2008

Show and Tell

We are supposed to be going to a reunion party today for local families that adopted from the same baby home Noah lived in in Vidnoye, Russia.

Friends of ours have this party every year around this time. And every year it seems, it rains. This year we are having the mother of all thunderstorms.

So the party got me thinking of when we adopted Noah, almost five years ago! August 11 will be his 5th "gotcha" day. So I started looking through some pictures and it sure brought back memories. Thought I'd share some pictures we took while we were in Russia.

Noah snuggled up on my chest in the Baby Bjorn.

Sleeping in a park in Moscow.

Katia and Alyona were our adoption facilitators. They held our hand through everything and were our interpreters.

Daddy and Noah outside the baby home in Vidnoye.

Noah in the bassinet on the plane flying home from Russia. The trip home was quite an event. Maybe someday I'll write about it.

Mom mom and PaPa first meet Noah.

All good memories. I almost forgot what a beautiful little baby he was. So handsome!



  1. Your son is just beautiful and the picture of you both with his grandparents, just Precious. You are absolutely radiant. Great Show and Tell, thanks.

  2. Wow - you made me cry!

    What a wonderful story and memories - thanks for sharing! Such a precious boy. :0)

  3. that's a great show and tell :-)

  4. What a beautiful baby boy and I've just recently learned about "Gotcha Day". I love it!

  5. I love these stories.....just to remember what it was like when they were small.

    How cute!