Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does this make me a published author?

You know, I'm really not one to blow my own horn. I think boasting about ones self is so unbecoming, don't you? I mean really, is it necessary to brag about your accomplishments?

Uhhhhh...HELL YEAH!

It is when you get something published! Like for reals published. In a book you can BUY! Even if it is only two pages. But we don't really need to talk about that part of it.

So, umm...yes. You can see some of my writing in Kimberley Clayton Blaine's (the Go-To Mom) new book:

The Internet Mommy: Inspiring Interviews and Stories from Mother's Who Work and Play Online. How Social Networks Influence the Way Moms Make Money, View Life, Find Friends, and Raise Kids

And yes, I could have made the font larger!

Blaine’s book features essays from more than 40 hip and well-known mom bloggers from around the country, which she refers to as her “circle of moms” she found through social networking and blogging.  Blaine is a long-time producer of online content that examines women and family issues, and has built her support-base of mom-bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, Google alerts, and while simply being loyal readers of their blogs.  Blaine hopes her personal “circle of moms” will inspire other online moms to build a support-system that allows them to identify opportunities and thrive online.

“Consider this book ‘mommy power unleashed,’” said Blaine. “The Internet has created a giant playground for moms to create a staggering array of businesses, including products and services that real moms need and desire. If this book can inspire one woman to take the plunge and support their livelihood online, then it’s a victory.”

About “The Internet Mommy”
The blogging moms contributing content to the book range from tech-savvy to irreverent to spiritual. Regardless, all of the bloggers have a point of view and words of wisdom to share. The wide-ranging content comes from A-list sites including, a savvy social networking site for moms; I’m Not Obsessed, a popular celebrity mom blog; TechMamas, a technology blog with a parenting slant; and White Trash Mom, the mom who is on a crusade against perfection. According to the author, “there is a long list of truly clever ideas from truly clever women.”

The part of the book that I wrote is titled "The emotional power of Twitter." It's a very serious post about finding out that a wonderful little girl, Maddie, had passed away suddenly and quite unexpectedly.*

Not to detract from the seriousness of that post and the emotion I was trying to express in it, later in the book is a chapter about an email exchange Kimberley and I had several months ago and how it led her to visit my blog when I was reviewing a blue vibrator. So, although I only wrote one of the chapters, another one talks about my blog and links to it. 

Of course I ordered my copy (you can buy it here btw). It arrived Friday and I've come close to devouring the book. It's good! The rest of it I mean, not just my two pages! It's a combination of blog posts like mine and interviews from successful women who have built a career online. It's a great combination of entertaining and informative. I am honored to be a part of this "Circle of Moms."  

You really should buy the book! It's only $12.95 on Amazon.  You won't regret it! And don't forget to skip right to page 33 first!

Thank you Kimberley for letting me be part of this and part of your "Circle of Moms"

*I have to admit to some trepidation as to how Heather and Mike will feel about this. I hope they see it as a tribute to Maddie, and don't find it a reminder of their pain. I did email them about it, but I think they must receive tons of email and may not have realized mine was serious.



  1. Congratulations!! That is fantastic. Whoot!

  2. Congrats! I'll have to check it out!

  3. How exciting!!! Congrats!!! I will buy it someday when I have the extra money :-( I know .. I know ..13 bucks .. really ... "you don't have THAT?" No .. not really I don't :-( BUT one day I WILL and that day I WILL BUY THIS!!

    All joking aside, congrats! This is truly awesome!