Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Last year we bought no less than four new pair of sneakers (tennis shoes for you mid-westerners) for Noah. Frankly, I lost track, so it may have been five. One pair he put a hole in the toe the first week. They would literally fall apart within a two months of buying them. The kid is tough on shoes!

Did I mention I was buying them at Target? For about $15 a pair? Thinking I was saving myself a few bucks since he wore them out so quickly?

This summer Rich convinced me to buy Noah a pair of sneaks at Stride Rite. We paid around $45 for them. He wore them all summer. Every day. At camp, where he was outside and was playing hard!

He's still wearing them every day and there isn't a hole or loose piece on them. Amazing!

So when Stride Rite offered me a free pair of shoes from their new Sensory Response Technology (SRT) collection to try out with Kiel I jumped at the chance!

Not only was Kiel getting a free pair of shoes (they retail for $50) but according to the press release they sent me "this revolutionary children's footwear technology, developed in conjunction with the Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, improves the way a child learns to walk via a sensory feedback system, an ultra-flexible design that allows for more freedom of movement, and a unique construction that reduces the number of stumbles and falls.  SRT’s features promote a healthy lifelong walking pattern and improve baby's ability to respond to their environment."

We had to take the pair they sent to a Stride Rite store to get a larger size because I misjudged Kiel's shoe size when they asked me.  

Kiel thought he was pretty cool at the Stride Rite store having his foot measured. I should have taken pictures. Or better yet, video, because as soon as he had the shoes on and we let him off the chair he took off like a shot, and ran right out of the store into the mall. The kid is fast!

Kiel's been walking for close to a year, so honestly I was a bit skeptical that these shoes would improve his walking. Well imagine my surprise when he took off that first time running and I could see that he was steadier on his feet. 
I don't know why it took me so long to believe this when it comes to new shoes, but you really do get what you pay for. In this case not only did we get a well made shoe for Kiel that I know he will outgrow before he'll wear it out, but we have a shoe that really is helping him walk better. 

I'll definitely be checking out Stride Rite when Kiel outgrows this pair. Maybe they'll let me try out their Toddler Tech line next! 



  1. Love Stride Rite shoes, wouldn't mind them sending a pair or 2 for TOF since this Mema has taken ti upon herself to keep him in good shoes. They definietely outlast any cheaper brands. BTW as a Midwesterner, I call them gym shoes.

  2. I haven't ever tried Stride Rite shoes but have heard great reviews on them! Glad to hear they can outlast little boys normal wear and tear. I have two boys ages 3 and 1 who wear down their shoes faster than their almost 7 year old sister does. will have to check this line of shoes out, sounds wonderful!

  3. They have a Stride Rite outlet here in Howell near us, next time you make it over this way. I've gotten some rockin' good deals there on shoes for both my girls, and you're right about the quality. They've always grown out of them before they ruined them, and with Grace that's saying a lot.

    I have had the cheap vs. expensive shoe debate with my mother and my secretary for years. They buy tons of cheap, uncomfortable shoes at Payless, and I buy more expensive, more comfortable shoes, usually at Macy's or Nine West, that last me a year or two even though I go through periods of wearing them to work every single day. So it's true for adult shoes, too! Laura

  4. I have 2 pairs of Stride Rites for my guy. Both I got in consignment. I lke them alot. He has only been walking a for about 3 months I am wondering if I should spring for a new pair? As the other ones have beemn broken in...

    PS check out my blog for a contest

  5. I can only buy Stride Rite cuz my Boo is an XW. No other Wide, European or otherwise will fit my little Fred Flintstone. I have always been able to sell them or give them away without any compunction, knowing they'll provide another lifetime.

    I <3 Stride Rite.

  6. Siera, I heard that really little ones who are just starting to walk do best in soft bottoms like Robeez.

    Once my Boo was old enough; that is, I thought his feet had formed enough, I bought used (consigment, ebay) Stride Rites w/o hesitation.

  7. I've had the same experience with shoes from Target. I love just about everything else they stock, but the shoes just do not hold up for little boys. We don't have a Stride-Rite here (at least, I've never seen it), but we seem to be having good luck with Payless Shoes.