Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And because this is how my luck runs, this will probably be the first post of mine my mother ever reads.

I was emailing earlier today with Drew from Eden Fantasys and he asked if I'd be interested in helping to promote their Sex and the Suburbs columns on their online magazine, Sexis.

I was all, Sure, sounds like my kind of column!

And then he sent me the link, and I saw the topic, and my head hit my desk while I simultaneously clenched and blushed. And I'm still fumbling over what to say, so, well, just check it out if you are interested...or curious...or have a drawer full of lube you want to use up.

I dare you!

Sex and the Suburbs

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  1. Bahahaha!!! That was a hilarious column. I love the writing style and the timing with the funny was spot on!

  2. OMGosh!!!! You are a BRAVE woman! I was LMAO@this will probably be the only post my mother reads...too funny

    Cant wait to hear about your blogger escapades