Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to my Bitch-O-Blog

Yesterday I spent close to an hour steam cleaning oatmeal and other dried on food out of all the nooks and crannies of the kitchen table. It's amazing how much crud my boys can get in there. The oatmeal though was clearly the worst.

So what do I walk down to this morning? Bits of oatmeal drying on the kitchen table.

I'm probably more irritated than is warranted, but come on! How disrespectful is that? Would it have killed Rich to clean the table or have Noah clean the table?

Granted I pretty much suck at keeping a clean house, but where is the motivation to try when I do clean and no one cares?

And to top off my irritation today my mother in law keeps calling. Rich called her to say we were coming over to see her today and she said that her other son was coming to take her to their house. Apparently she thought we would be there too. So now she is upset that we aren't, and keeps calling and crying about it. She keeps telling me that family should be together on holidays and this is very upsetting for her that her family is separated. I have no idea why she has it in her head that we should be there. We weren't invited and honestly, I'm glad we weren't. Hell, I don't even know that there is anything to invite us over for.

And then she asked me if I had words with my sister in law. At first I thought she was asking if Linda had invited us over, and I said no, Linda never said anything about us coming over. No, she said, that's not what I mean. Did you have words with Linda. Hell, I hardly ever even talk with Linda. No Bea, I didn't have words with Linda.

I try to be patient with her and her Alzheimer's, but when she gets things like this stuck in her head and calls over and over again crying it just sucks for every one involved.

I'm also irritated because Rich and his brother don't communicate, and this could have been a non-issue if they had talked or emailed earlier this week so we knew who was seeing her when. If we knew they were seeing her today we would have made sure we spent time with her yesterday since Rich is working tomorrow.

And the last straw? We are out of Diet Coke. The end.

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  1. It's fascinating how hubby's lack of communication with his family always leaves US holding the bag. Or the phone.

    But, out of Diet Coke? The Horrors! Tell me that you at least aren't out of wine!

  2. 1 I voted

    2 what brand o steam cleaner do you have b/c I'm shopping for one. I hate my dinning room table. It's got a carved band around teh edge where oatmeal gets cemented

  3. I feel your frustrations... It will never cease to amaze me! How can no other family member NOT see the mess?

    My hubby and I have similar family strife... we given up, altogether, trying to communicate and celebrate family events with his sister. It's very sad, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. A) I am addicted to regular Coke and I totally understand that whole last straw thing. Heck, for me, it can be not only the last, but the first and only, too.

    B) I suck at housekeeping, too. (I prefer to call it a relax standard, if you will). And I totally understand the lack of motivation when we actually DO something. On the other hand, the fam knows it's not going to be consistent, so I see their lack of effort, too. Vicious cycle, I tell ya...