Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A bit of perspective, and a reminder to give thanks for what you already have

I received the following email from my mom today:

Kristie and AD,

Sure are thinking about you and know that it is a hard time for you, but I know that you will be hurt if Idon't tell you. I think that email is a gentler way. You can read it at your leisure. Mike and Kari'shouse was hit by lightning last night. Seven firetrucks, ambulance and police car. They got out O.K. Kari had a close escape. She was putting things into the freezer after a late trip to WalMart. The lightning hit the TV antenna about 11:00, went down the wires right behind the freezer and arked out at her feet. She had very thick wedgie shoes on (3/4")and it cut the sole in half and popped out a staple. The fire was in the attic. Fire men and women were wonderful. Lots of water damage. Insurance adjuster hasn't arrived yet, (12:30pm on Tuesday) so we don'tknow what's up yet. They spent the rest of the night here, 2:30 on. K & M have emptied their fridge and freezer into ours. Your Dad thinks he's died and goneto heaven with all the REAL food in the house. We're expecting them to be here for a while. Love you and hope that tomorrow goes O.K. I'll be thinking about you. Love you all. Mom Dad, too!

Mike is my brother. They live on "the farm" in Michigan with my parents, cousin, aunt/uncle etc.

Everyone is ok, and I can't believe how lucky my sister in law was. Like me, she tends to go around the house barefoot. Thank god she had those shoes on.

It sounds like they lost the second story, and over night their bedroom floor fell in to their living room. They were able to get some stuff out (like pictures, heirloom china, etc.) before the firemen got there. I think that my oldest nephews stuff is likely ok too since his bedroom is on the first floor. All my brothers and SIL clothes are ruined, as are my two younger nephews. I'm not sure about there books and toys.

I hate being so far away. There isn't much I can do for them here in Philly. I imagine they'll be living with my parents for a while.

Thank god they are all ok!


  1. Holy cow- I'm glad they are okay. How awful, but you are right they are lucky it wasn't worse. Ugh!

  2. I'm glad your bro and SIL are OK. How scary!

    Yes, these are the moments we realize what is important in life - family - which is of course why we go through these IF struggles - the quest for family building.

    I hope you are hanging in there. I have been thinking about you.