Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tied together

Today was one of those days with Noah that was perfect.

He was absolutely delightful to be with. Accepting. Patient. Helpful.

We had a developmental pediatrician appointment this morning, and they were running an hour late. Noah didn't fuss, and he asked nicely if he could go play fuse ball in the lobby up front, so he and Rich went to play up there while I waited. When the doctor was ready for us he came right back when asked.

He interacted appropriately with the doctors, answered questions, was helpful. Just all around awesomeness! Compared to some of the appointments this one was amazing.

The plan was to take him to school after the appointment, but it went so long that I didn't have time to get him to school and get myself to an appointment that I had. So Noah went with me. He waited in the lobby while I was in the room. I let him play Angry Birds on the phone and the receptionist said he never moved. He even answered a call for me and told them I was in seeing a foot doctor. He had no idea who it was that called though. He just didn't want them to think I was ignoring them.

After that we went to McD's for lunch, where again, he was awesome. Then we ran some errands and picked Kiel up from daycare.

Days like this are what keep us going. This is what stays in our memory, and the negative event are less likely to pop up when we have a new positive one to work from.

Days like this prove to me how tied my emotions are into his.


  1. AWESOME, AWESOME! So glad you had this day!

  2. You two are intertwined. So glad you had this day :)

  3. Your post made me smile.... happiness begets happiness... thanks for sharing yours... Candace