Monday, October 04, 2010

"Don't It Make His Straight Hair Curl"

In the last couple months Noah's hair has gone from super thick and straight, to curly. Really curly.
October 2010
Need proof? Here he is less than a year ago.

November 2009
January 2010

And here he is yesterday.

It's been a bit bizarre to watch. At first we thought it might be from all the time he spent in the pool at camp this summer. I thought maybe he just needed some conditioning and a hair cut.

Well, he hasn't been in the pool for close to six weeks now, and it's still growing in curly. Really curly.

It's looks good on him, so we aren't upset, just perplexed.

Last night Rich and I were talking about how strange it was and started to think maybe it was one of the medications he is taking, since he started a new one last spring.

Today Rich sent me an article that discusses several reports of hair changes in people taking valproic acid. The medication Noah takes is a derivative of valproic acid, so I guess we have our answer!

I'm pretty sure they didn't teach me about that side effect in pharmacy school.


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  1. Not only is his hair changing (for the better, I think), but his physical appearance is maturing. I was amazed the growth in just 11 months! Of course, I'm not looking at him every day...