Tuesday, September 07, 2010

True confessions of the crazy kind

You know what drives me crazy? When my kids wear pajama tops that don't match the bottoms. Seriously, drives me insane! 

Why is that? I mean really, who cares? It's not like they are leaving the house or anyone is coming over. 

This summer I let Noah go off to camp with his shirt on backwards and mismatched socks, because that was how he wanted it and it wasn't worth the fight.

But mismatched pajamas? Enough to make me teeter on the edge. 

Crazy enough for you yet?



  1. I hate ir when people let my son where pajama tops as t-shirts! His dad and my dad can't tell the difference, but I maintain any mom can!

  2. Amazingly my little sensory seeker could care less if his pajamas match or not. My youngest, however, is like his crazy mama! They've gotta match, they've just gotta!
    And, you're a better woman than I on the mismatched socks thing. Can't do that either! Look who's got the issues now! Oh, I've doomed my poor babies to a lifetime of therapy;)

  3. I'm RIGHT there w/ you! I cannot tolerate mismatched pajamas yet my husband doesn't really seem to care. Perhaps he is just lazy and is trying to get me to take over the night time routine, but I am NOT buying in (for goodness sake, I am the child care provider 24/7 so a 10 minute bath break is the least he can do)! Instead, I casually walk in my toddler's room and lay out the pajamas he will be wearing once bath time is over!

  4. I get it. I mean, really get it.

  5. They come in sets for a reason! Hmmm I guess we are both crazy