Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random walks in Crazy Town

Some random updates because rational thought processes have been hard to come by lately.

Noah hasn't been kicked out of camp yet. I did have to go pick him up early on Monday because he was complaining his stomach hurt. I am fully convinced he did not have a stomach ache, but wanted to come home and play computer games. Man was he PISSED when I told him if he was so sick I had to leave work to come get him that he needed to lay on the couch or in his bed. Boy was not happy. Boy made a miraculous recovery about 30 minutes later. Boy still did not get to play on the computer.

Last week Noah earned his orange belt, and I earned my blue belt in karate. Pictures to come. Right now we are both doing high intensity training (HIT) for the summer. I'm doing it because I'm going to miss about six weeks of training after my surgery in October, so this will keep me from losing a rotation and falling behind a belt. Noah is just working on more advanced moves, like spin kicks. Next week he will learn with nunchucks.

Kiel is convinced there is an alligator living in our bedroom. He points him out to me every night. So we have a routine we go through now, saying hi to the alligator, asking him if he misses his family, asking him if he's lost, and then telling him it is time to go home and go to bed.  Kiel indicates we have had various success with the alligator actually leaving. Since I have yet to see this creature I have to rely on Kiel.

We are in the middle of a thunderstorm. As a child I was terrified of storms. I was sure that a tornado was imminent and was going to blow us all away like Dorothy. Flying monkeys and witches scared me too.

Even now, as an adult (ha) they make me twitchy, especially when the wind starts whistling through the windows. I try very hard not to let the boys know I don't like storms. I really do try my damnedest not to teach them my crazy. At least they don't get it genetically so there is hope for them.

I'm about to finish reading The Necromancer, the fourth book in the series of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. It's a fast, enjoyable read. But when it is done i have nothing lined up to read next. That also makes me a bit twitchy.

Any book recommendations my friends? I prefer to be entertained, not necessarily enlightened. Or scared to the point that my insomnia is the least of my non-sleeping worries.

I went on a bit of a shopping splurge last weekend because I was in desperate need of new summer work clothes.  I have now decided I don't like anything I bought.

And another big question: Is there an age limit in women where they should not wear leggings with cute summer dresses? Or a size limit?

Hmmmm, what else.

Well, I'm not going to BlogHer10 this year. It just wasn't in the budget with all the extra medical expenses we have had for Noah. Saving for college for him isn't exactly in the budget anymore either. We had to decide a while ago that it was more important to use that money now to get help, then not use it and find he never makes it to college. So with those expenses, and not saving into something I always thought was non-negotable, we aren't exactly doing anything this summer other than a day and night at Knoebels amusement park.

I guess that's it for now. Nothing else is coming out of my snot-filled head in a legible formet.



  1. Some of your random sounds sooo familiar, especially faux-tummy ache/ game player.

    The alligator bit sounds rather cute.

    I will have to check out that book series. Sounds good. Did you ever read Rebecca Stott's Ghostwalk?

    Hope your phlemy head feels better soon

  2. I finally gave in and started reading the Twilight saga... I'm so glad I did. I'm on book three now and it sucks you in fast.

    I'm on my way to Google the one you mentioned and the one from the commenter above!

  3. Try Never After, by Laurel K. Hamilton, et al. It's 4 novellas, sort of fairy tales for grown-ups, fast read. I like it.

  4. We love Knoebles...planning a day in August!

  5. I just finished reading "The Wife's Tale" by Lori Lansens and loved it. Got it at the library, but I think it's available on amazon too. Laura