Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice try Universe

Took that one as a challenge didn't you Universe.

Well hah, I'm still smiling.

Noah waking me up to get in bed with me and Kiel at 12:30. No problem.

Rolling over to put my hand on bologna. Yeah, you might have had me for a few seconds there. But by then Noah was ready to go back to his own bed after a firm warning to never bring bologna into my bed again.

And at 2:30am when Kiel woke up and projectile vomited chocolate milk and scrambled eggs into my face and all over the bed. Well fuck you, because by then I was too tired to to do anything but be thankful Kiel was fever free and all I had to do was change our clothes and the sheets. And besides, when I found four more pieces of bologna in the bed I had a good laugh.

Realizing Noah was down stairs at 4am watching TV and doing who knows what. least he didn't have any more bologna to spread around the house.

And when I did make it downstairs I felt the need to praise him because at least he kept the two bottles of dish soap he had emptied in the sink! We have made progress over honey on the piano! Yeah Noah!

So, plan for the day is to take Kiel to the pediatrician as soon as they call. One of Noah's ex-TSS's is taking Noah for a few hours. She's going to earn every dollar I pay her, but she loves him and won't put up with any of his shit. And he loves being with her.

And since Kiel seems to be better I may get a few hours to go over to the hospital and see Rich this afternoon.

So yeah Universe, game on! I call bologna on you!



  1. wow..... good for you for hanging in there. hope your hubby gets better soon and back home to you all:) this makes my week last week look calm!

  2. Woke up with vomit. hehe..


  3. The bologna made me laugh. A lot. Glad to hear you found the humor in it too!

    Hoping Rich is getting better and things calm down soon.

  4. oh man. Hope this week is easier on you & the family

  5. Wow, that's a lot happening in the morning. Personally I'd be super cranky and grumpy, especially if I am woken up for whatever reason.