Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's a gorgeous day! And I saved a butt load of money!

It's 60 degrees and we are outside! Yeah spring!

I'm working and the boys are playing in the last of the snow piles with shovels, dump trucks and a play shopping cart. In between moving of snow piles Noah is teaching Kiel how to play baseball. Just a wonderful afternoon!

And, Kiel and I did some shopping this morning and I wanted to show off some of what we scored. I've been heavy into coupons since January and am starting to save a fair amount of money. I'm still figuring it all out and its taking more time than I'd like, but I'd say I'm averaging a good 50% saving most of the time.

Today though I bought all of the stuff in this picture for $5.89 after a $10 rebate that I can submit online.



  1. Congratulations for those savings. I think it is really important to save some few bucks nowadays. And it is an accomplishment for me. You missed the dentist appointment but yeah, you're right you still saved some money that's really something to be happy about!

  2. hope your little guy feels better soon

  3. wow, I could really use a day saving like that.

  4. Nice savings. The other night I was at Publix and the lady in front of me had a cart full of groceries. In addition, she had at least 50 coupons (no joke). Some were Publix specific coupons, others were manufactures coupons. Anyway, she bought that entire shopping cart filled with stuff for $14!!! I am not exaggerating. I was frustrated with how long I waited in line, but blown away by her savvy shopping skills.