Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Observations of a cat, a booger, and a boy.

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Before I met Rich I lived in Kalamazoo. I owned my own house and was dating the boy next door. Well, technically it was the man across the street, but that isn't really what this story is about. This story is about his cat. It is also about boogers and my two-year old.

Cat, boogers, boy.

Right now you are asking yourself how these things can possibly be related. And if you are my husband, or my ex-boyfriend (who occasionally reads this blog - Hi ex-boyfriend!) you are really wondering how I'm going to tie all of this together considering the cat and the boy were separated by approximately eight years. (Boogers as we moms know are timeless.)

My boyfriend had an awesome cat named Huxley. He was a big old boy cat that liked to act all fierce and tiger-esq, but in reality was a big old wuss that didn't own his own front yard. That didn't bother me one bit though, because I loved that cat.

While his owner and I were dating we pretty much lived equally between our two houses.  Huxley got used to this dual residency and in the way that animals do, he always knew what house his owner and I were waking up in. If we were at my house you could count on Huxley being there either outside my back door, or under my bedroom window in the morning. If it was the weekend and he felt we were sleeping in too late, he made sure we heard him, even though my bedroom was on the second floor. If we were across the street at his house he would knock on the bedroom window when he was ready to be let in the house in the morning. While he didn't come in my house because he was afraid of my cats and dog, it didn't stop him from making sure one of us let him in his own house and fed him every morning.

I like to think Huxley came to think of me as his momma. Not quite as good as his dad, but always there for a cuddle or to feed him. And to let him into his own house when it was raining or cold and his owner wasn't home to do it. 

So Huxley thanked me in the way that all good cats show appreciation to those they love. He left me gifts outside of my back door. Gifts he was very proud of. Gifts of the dead animal variety.

And tonight it hit me as I was putting Kiel to bed and he was exploring his left nostril in preparation of handing me his booger.

Those hard won boogers that Kiel excavates from his nostrils and then proudly hands me are much like the dead animals that Huxley gave me. 

Disgusting? Certainly. 

Given with love? Absolutely!


Cat, boogers, boy. 

I'm really not that hard to follow at all.


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  1. No, not hard to follow whatsoever! Only you could start a story beginning with a cat and ending it with a booger/boy combo. Only you....