Friday, January 08, 2010

The view from down there is somethin' alright!

I came home last night sweating like a mofo glistening  from our promotional workout in karate (I'm an orange belt now - yeah me!) So I headed right to the shower to clean up. I also needed to do a little grooming since I have an appointment here today to see what can be down about the falling lady bits. I was afraid I'd be too sore/stiff this morning to do the necessary bending and twisting to reach the right areas (and I was so right - because yowzers am I stiff this morning). Let me just say there was a lot of bending and twisting going on both during the workout and in the shower and leave it at that.

So there I am in the shower and I see Kiel carefully watching me do my thing. He likes to pretend to shave with Rich in the mornings so I'm sure the places I was hitting with the razor were a little confusing for him. (I can't wait to hear what he does with his pretend razor the next time he shaves with Rich.)

I finish my shower and get out and dry off. I'm standing in front of the sink, nekkid, putting on deodorant and I see in the mirror that Kiel is crouched down behind me.

Not only is he crouched down behind me (very close mind you), but he's looking up with a very perplexed look on his face.

And for the first time since I started to worry about his speech delay I was a tiny bit relieved that he's not talking yet. Because I can only imagine what he would have to say about the view from down there.



  1. LOLLLLLLLLLLL that is too funny! Do tell what happens next time he shaves with Rich, that out to be something to blog about!

  2. Over Christmas vacation we were visiting family. To expedit baths, we took the kids in the shower with us. I took Bruiser (3) in with me and he didn't enjoy getting wet from the shower. To pay me back, he grabbed some hair...and not on my head! OWWWWW! I totally understand these Mommy-Son bathroom tales!