Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ah, yes, my Mother in law... She loves me. I'm not quite sure how I did it, but she thinks I'm wonderful.

She is also obsessed with my hemorrhoids. OK, so I admit...I was too before the baby was born. But, I don't have them anymore! OK, well I do...but they aren't bothering me anymore. Herman sent most of the family packing.

So yes, my MIL...and her obsession with my 'rhoids. Every time I see her, which is about once a week, she asks me about my hemorrhoids. And every time, I tell her the same thing...I don't have hemorrhoids. My problem was with my episiotomy. And she says...oh, I thought you had hemorrhoids.

And then the next time I see are your hemorrhoids?

The last time she asked...we were at the the food court...on a Saturday at noon. A full food court. And there she is...asking me...quite loudly mind you. So, how are your hemorrhoids?

Yeah...that's my MIL.

So I'm mentioning this to Amazing Daddy on our way home. And I say something about I just don't understand why she thinks I have hemorhoids. And he looks at me...and says...Ummm...I may have told her you did. It was easier than explaining the episiotomy.

Thanks sweetie, thanks a lot!

MIL story number 2.

She was over this weekend, and like she usually does, she commented that Baby Brother doesn't look anything like AD or me. I just nodded. Usually she will ask who in my family has red hair, or blue eyes and I'll say my nephews do, and my brother used to. Which is absolutely true, even if BB clearly didn't get any of those attributes from them.

But this time...she flat out asked me if I was fooling around! And I think she was only half joking!

Yes, she asked me if I was fooling around!

I told her that we joke that he looks just like the UPS man...the very tall, thin, African American UPS man.

Maybe its better if she goes back to asking me about my hemorhoids.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my HOOKED ON HOUSES blog today. I thought I'd check out yours and I'm glad I did. You left me in stitches over the MIL post. I swear you and I must have the same mother-in-law! Mine came out and asked me the last time I saw her where on earth my son Jake got his black hair. I stared at her a moment and then said, "Probably YOU!" It's been a while since she's seen her natural color, so she must've forgotten.;-) We had a good laugh over that one.

    She's a nurse who is always probing me about health questions I'd rather not answer, too--wanting to see my prescription bottles and second-guess the doctors, etc. We had trouble conceiving both kids, so there were always many, many questions!

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh today! I've bookmarked you!
    -Julia K