Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Ladies

Yes, I'm still emotional, but let's talk about The Ladies today.

I'm quite fascinated with my own breasts. I have been pretty much since they first appeared when I was a pre-teen/teen.

Well now, let me tell you, they have become my latest obsession. I can't stop looking at them, poking them, prodding them, and squeezing them. My nipples are amazing! I mean, they are huge! And the areola, wowzers! And now, they are starting to produce colostrum. How exciting is that?!?

So, please excuse me why I go admire them and squeeze out a little juice.

And yes, AD thinks I've totally lost it.


Still on the subject of boobs, please send some love out to my friend NG who is going in for a breast biopsy tomorrow. She has some lovely Ladie's herself!

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