Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yes, a one way ticket

Yes, it was a one way trip for Mell.

It was not an easy decision to make. The vet was wonderful with us and with Mell. It seemed peaceful for him, although I know he was scared just purely from being there.

They took a plaster paw print of him which I thought was a very nice gesture.

This morning Amazing Daddy went outside and said there was a dead mouse on our front steps. Almost makes you think Mell is up in mouser heaven and left us a little gift to show us he's ok. Strange.

The Boy is understandably confused. He asked if Mell was coming home today and SH told him that Mell was in heaven. TB wanted to know what heaven was. How do you explain heaven when you don't believe in it yourself? So I told my son a story that I don't believe, but I think made him feel better. Is that bad?

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