Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome back my friend!

A very good friend of mine just shared her blog with me. I can’t tell you how special that made me feel. I just spent the last hour reading it (at work- shhh). I’m close to tears after reading it because it has made me feel even closer to her.

She is the wife of an orthopedic surgery resident. I have always thought she was an amazing person. She is essentially a single parent while her husband spends his life at the hospital at the mercy of his attending and patients. She is a strong woman, an intelligent woman, an incredibly caring woman, and she makes me laugh.

I met her at work a couple years ago, and then she moved to Nashville last year for her husband to do his first year of his fellowship. She is getting ready to move back here for him to finish his second year. I can’t wait to have her back in the area. I wasn’t very good keeping in touch with her last year; I was so wrapped up with the IVF’s, with The Boy, and then the pregnancy. I’ve never been good at keeping up with people who are out of town. It’s a big flaw of mine.

I saw her in person for the first time in a year today. It felt like it always had. So very comfortable.

Welcome back Nancy. I plan on making the most of this year with you before you and Dr. Arm head back down south.

Check out her Blog everyone. It is THAT good!


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