Thursday, August 31, 2006

Work place woes

Have you ever worked with someone who is always right? Even though you’ve worked there twice as long as they have they seem to know more about how the company runs. And even though they can’t stand your boss and basically find fault in every thing she does, they seem to glory in “taking charge” when the boss is gone. And attempt to close you out of all the decision making that is going on, even though you happen to be in a good place with said boss at the time. And you f’ing know more than they do and have more experience! Or perhaps that’s why all this is going on.

And have you ever worked right next to someone, separated only by a cubicle wall, whose cell phone rings all day, even though they are only at their desk half the time. And all the calls are personal, from a wife who must not work, or the grown son or daughter who apparently can’t make a decision without this coworker? And the phone is f’ing loud! And pretty soon you are going to jump over the cubicle wall and shove said phone up said coworker’s ass?

And have you ever had the same coworker chew and swallow so loudly and grossly you want to vomit over the cubicle wall, right on to said coworkers annoying and loud cell phone? And has this coworker held all meetings with other employees in his f’ing cubicle, even though his meetings all seem to be with people who have their own f’ing office.

And have you ever had a cubicle close enough to the bathrooms where you have to confiscate every f’ing deodorizing spray because some people seem to think it has to be sprayed every f’ing time they enter the bathroom. And if you have to f’ing smell that god damn spray that gives you a migraine every time the “over sprayer” strikes, you will explode?

And have you ever been in a mood that lasts for weeks on end and you are afraid you may just implode from the anxiety?

And yippee yee hah, have you ever been in this mental place and know you get to start Lupron in a week? Yeah LH surge.

F’ing yeah.

**brought to you by the letter F**

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