Saturday, March 04, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to the clinic...

Well, it seems that darling AD's sperm has gone AWOL. Yup...all those sweet little swimmers seem to have disappeared in the last three years. Could it be we have had so much sex in the last couple years that we have exhausted his supply? I posed that question to him and the look I received back was pure disgust. Hmmm...could it be I'm not putting out enough?

Perhaps I mentioned before that we have always had some concern with his juiciness. I always speculated AD was just plumbed wrong. The man could produce more fluid from his mouth and nose than anyone I know. Talk about drowning in kisses. However, giving this man a blow job is a joy (Well, comparatively speaking. And if I actually did things like that.) because 1ml is a lot less likely to surprise and choke you, than 1 teaspoonful.

Apparently though, the pond is getting smaller and it's run out of fish.

Hopefully we will know more this week because he is going to have a formal semen analysis (SA). We just did a quick and dirty look at a drop under the microscope this week because I didn't want to start drugs until I knew he had some badboys available to inject into my super powered eggs at the end of all these hormones. Thank god I did, because if we hadn't we could have ended up four weeks from now sucking out a bunch of adorable little eggs from my super sized ovaries and had no sperm to inject in to them. Fuck! Wouldn't that have been a nice way to blow 10 grand. At that point I would have been begging the janitor for a donation. And not from his paycheck either!

Hopefully the test this week will be fine and last week's was just an anomaly. If not we have to go see the urologist and try to figure out whats going on. Best case its a blockage of some kind and they'll just have to go into his testicle with a syringe and pull some sperm out the morning of the retrieval (TESE). Worst case we have to figure out if he's man enough to use a sperm donor.

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