Sunday, December 04, 2011

Family Day

We had a very pleasant day with the boys today! I dare say it was very close to the kind of day a "normal" family has together. And frankly, if it isn't, I don't want to know.

We spent the early afternoon at the park where Rich and I sat on a bench and just watched the boys play on an "old school" merry go round. ("Old school" is Noah's new favorite term for anything he considers not new.) The boys played very nicely together, and when a little girl came to play Noah was very considerate of her.

I took another butt ton load of pictures of the boys.

Speaking of butts...

I commented to Rich how far we have come as parents over the years. There was a time like three weeks ago when he would have freaked out by the daredevil stunts Noah was performing.

They way I see it, at least we had a couple good hours and some photographic proof before we had to go to the ER if one of them did break.


Why yes, I do like to dress them alike.

I really like this one with the leaves coming down on him.

 I love my  handsome men.

After the park we went and bought our Christmas tree.
(I haven't figured out how to deal with shadow and light on my camera yet. Should I be able to Photoshop those bright patches?)

We bought the first tree we saw, although I still had to look at every other tree on the lot. Rich choked a bit when he saw the price, but he agreed it was the perfect tree, and with some arm twisting gave in. Of course it grew while it was on top of the van on its way home, because it didn't fit by the time we got it home. We had to take a good six inches off the top. I think it's gorgeous though.

It still needs a little adjusting (obviously) since it's listing a bit to the left. Maybe I shouldn't put vodka in the tree stand.

We haven't finished putting the ornaments on it, and I need to fix the "clumping," which all three of the boys/men are guilty off. Honestly, Rich is as bad as the boys. And I know it's him because it is too high up for Noah or Kiel. Oy, you'd think the man was Jewish or something...

Anyway, that reminds me of a little survey I did on here last year, about decorating. I know I have new readers since last year, so do me a solid and weigh in on it. (I wonder if Blogger has a survey plug in.)

A Christmas Tree Decorating Poll

If you have kids and a Christmas tree, please answer the following poll.

When decorating your Christmas tree you:

A.  leave everything exactly where your kids hang it, even if 2/3 of the ornaments are on the same 1/7 of the tree. You would never do anything to stifle their creative nature, right?

B.  let your kids have their fun then go back and rearrange things when they aren't looking. You don't want to hurt their feelings, but damn, 2/3 of the ornaments on the same 1/7 of the tree is lopsided and makes you a bit twitchy.

C.  carefully direct the placement of each ornament. Thank goodness you have kids that actually listen and follow directions, right?

D.  convince the children that there is a tree decorating fairy and one morning they will wake up and magically the tree will be decorated, then you do it yourself after they are asleep. Because OMFG, 2/3 of the ornaments on the same 1/7 of the tree! Do I need to say anymore?

E. ornaments? Are you crazy? My monsters broke all of ours ages ago.



  1. Great pictures- sounds like a great day! FYI I let the kids decorate and only rearrange when an ornament comes off the tree. All of our trees are like us... they have character!

  2. We leave it how they decorate it. I love looking back and seeing how different our tree is every year. :)

  3. I have a kid, but she's only 1,5 y/o (second on the way) so we don't do the christmas tree thing yet. We do have a beautiful branch from a corkskrew hazel in our living room all year, and in the christmas season we hang red balls from it (which reminds me...).
    I suppose we WILL get a 'real' tree when the kids are a bit older, and then I suppose it will be B. Creativity, euhm, yes, but with a little tweaking afterwards :-)

  4. A: I leave it. I gave up caring several years ago.


    Love your post. Made me smile. Thanks love.

  5. As kids, we all had 'our' ornaments, which we got to put on the tree wherever we wanted (I remember some negotiating so that one sibling didn't get all the 'good' spots, but pretty much our call).

    Then our parents put on the rest of the ornaments, filling up the other 6/7 well enough. We were usually bored at that point anyway.

    I dunno, does that make us B.5? I think some of our ornaments ended up moving around too...

  6. B, definitely B.

    My husband won't help decorate the tree anymore since the year he made me cry because the tree looked so bad. Yeah, I cried over a crappy looking Christmas tree. But, damn it, if it's going to congest my dining room for a month I at least want it to look good as I bitch about it.