Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hiyyy Yahhh

So guess what ya'all?

I'm learning karate!

Me! Learning karate! Shocking, I know!

I've been so impressed by Noah's experience with the instructors and classes that when they offered to let me train free for a month I decided to take them up on it.

Here's Noah competing in his first tournament. He did so awesome! We were so proud of him!

He even won a trophy! OK, all the kids won one, but that didn't matter to him.

Anyway...I'm training in karate and it is kicking! my! ass! I am so whipped after a class it takes me hours to feel like anything but a wet noodle. And I am so sore the day or two after. But I love it! It feels so amazing to learn to move my body like that.

I must look pretty comical in class. Short, round, all dressed in black except for a white belt around my middle. Kind of like a black egg with a white circle around the center. But, I really don't care that much. I'm really proud of myself that I'm doing it and I want to keep on doing it.

If I train consistently I could earn my black belt in three years. Now that is a pair of words no one would ever have associated with me. Never. In a million years Never! Neh.Ver. Mommy Needs Therapy and Black Belt. Practically a contradiction right there.

But if you know me, I have a hard time turning down a challenge.

So I have a goal; to earn my black belt before I'm 45. That gives me a few months of flexibility in case something major comes up.

So watch out at BlogHer ladies. I'm fierce and I know some MOVES!



  1. Ok first how hansome is noah, O.M.G.!!! What a cute little karate man.

    Good for you I know you will kick some ass if you have to, but not at BlogHer, LOL!. And you will get that blackbelt, just use it wisely, k? xoxoxo