Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Women who TRIED to lunch

What is wrong with this town?!? Is there no decent restaurant slash drinking establishment open for lunch on a Tuesday!

11:30am we sneak out the side door, avoiding the busload of Dutch pharmacists that have come to see our resident "genius" (yes, it's true, one of this years winner of the Macarthur Fellows Program is the big boss here).

11:40am Arrive at Dos Amigos, Mexican restaurant and margarita bar. NT and I agreeing that all we need in life to be happy are margaritas and chips with queso dip. Second to that would be the Outbacks cheese and bacon fries.

11:41am Notice man pulling unsuccessfully on restaurant door, unable to open. We stare at sign with hours on it, unable to believe THEY ARE NOT OPEN FOR LUNCH ON TUESDAYS!

11:43am Return to car to try and figure out what to do. Briefly discuss going to On the Border, but out of guilt decide a 45 minute drive to a restaurant probably isn't ok on a lunch break. Brilliant idea - since we just discussed the Outback, let's do the next best thing - cheese and bacon fries! And - love that peach frozen drink thingy they have.

12noon What?? The Outback is closed too! What is wrong with this world! Don't they know our bosses are both on vacation!??

12noon to 12:15pm Drive around aimlessly wondering how our lunch date could be going so terribly wrong!

12:20pm Decide to try new Mexican restaurant that NT heard about but isn't quite sure where it is.

12:25pm Actually find said restaurant on a little side street on first try. Agree that we hope it isn't "too authentic." Park and walk to restaurant which says "Authentic Mexican food." Decide to try it anyway because we are friggin hungry!

12:30pm to 1:15pm Enjoy bean burritos, chicken quesadillas and chips and salsa. Watch adorable little girl of owners toddle around the small (six table) restaurant. Decide this wasn't a bad idea.

1:25pm Return to work, unsuccessfully avoiding the "big boss" and his wife. Pretend we were here all along. Smile at cute Dutch pharmacists.

4pm Email NT - I'm not feeling so good, how about you?
NT - yeah, me too. Uh OH.

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