Friday, March 20, 2009

Two questions

I'm finishing up a huge project at work today. Have big plans for this blog once I can breath again!

But in the mean time, I have two quick questions for you.

1. My Dad's birthday is a week from Saturday. For those of you that know all the drama that has been going on between me and my parents I need some advice. Do I have to call him on his birthday? I have cards to send and Noah will draw him a picture. I could even send him flowers (was thinking a nice prickly cactus plant in a rock garden would be rather nice, actually). But do I really need to make a phone call? Which I absolutely dread! Given they have made no contact with me since Xmas other than that bizarre email about what did I want when they were dead.

2. And a much more fun question! I've been given the opportunity to review a "toy" from I'm hoping it arrives today! So my question is, are any of you going to get offended if I talk about sex on my blog? And sex toys? And my search for the elusive G-spot? What do you think? Will I gain or lose readers? Do I care? Did I mention free sex toys baby?!?

I hope I it comes today!



  1. I think you should just send a card and be done. That way you acknowledge the birthday, but still keep distance.

    As far as the sex toy review, I think it is a great idea! Anyone who gets offended, obviously hasn't used one ;-)

  2. I agree with Stacy on both counts- the card and picture will be enough at this point. The picture makes it a little more personal than just a card.

    Talk about sex all you want! You might get the sorts of readers you weren't expecting, but I wouldn't stop reading if you did.

  3. I agree...send a card to honor his birthday. Then you have also left the door open for him to respond back to thank you for it.

    Review a sex toy?? You certainly won't lose me as a reader! Please share!!!


  4. 1) no!!!! I say just don't. A card still shows you remembered but not phoning also guarantees no drama. A phone call does not guarantee no drama!

    1) no offense. talk about whatever you want.

  5. Send a card signed from the children, but not you and husband. Your parents may get the message.

  6. Don't call, just send a card from the kids. Would/did your parents cal you on your birthday? If that answer would be no then do onto others as they do onto you.

    as for the sex toy review - it's your blog! Write waht you want if someone is offended they can click the red X in the top right corner. You may have to change your content warning to 18 tho... ;-)