Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One thing I couldn't live without and one I could

There are definitely some great new baby items out there since The Boy came in to our lives. Since I appreciated reading other mommy's reviews about their finds, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts.
The MetroWrap - I love this wrap! I tried several baby carriers with The Boy, and had another sling type carrier for Baby Brother. The MetroWrap is by far the most comfortable and most secure feeling. TB has always fallen asleep when in it and seems quite content when he isn't asleep. I love the options they have, especially the "bling" designs. I'd love to have the angel wings, but at $129 versus $79 for the original, I didn't feel it was worth the splurge. It is very easy to use, and I love that it is one size fits all. As a larger mom, I'm always concerned the typical carrier/sling won't fit me. This one was no problem. It is also definitely hands free, unlike the other sling that I tried.

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer - I was really excited to get this. After reading about it I had it as one of my "must haves" on my list of things to get before Baby Brother was born. I used it faithfully for about the first two weeks. What I found it the most useful for though, was that I used the last timer option to time when I took my pain meds. Believe me, with the amount of pain I was in I was anxiously awaiting the next dose. Then as I started to feel better it was good to see how long I was able to go between doses. As for timing BB's sleep, feeding and diaper changes, I didn't really need it. Especially since what I really needed was to keep track of how many times during the day I fed him or changed him, and whether it was poop or pee diapers. I haven't used it since the third week. Over all, I could have done without this.

More thoughts on baby products soon. I'm off to go rescue Amazing Daddy from a crying baby. He doesn't have the one thing (nipples) that is guaranteed to stop the crying.

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